Live event with experts on the role of society, Corporate responsibility & impact measurement on water.

During the session which will consist of a Round Table discussion moderated by Pieter Louw we are lucky enough to have the participation of:

• Boaz Wachtel, (Expert in the management and implementation of water projects)
• Marlik Bentabet (Ex Director Veolia, expert on the water industry)
• Antonio García (Honorary UNESCO members and founder of Lonxanet)
• Ignasi Ferrer (Representative of the Marine Project Investment Fund Seastainable)
• Representative – AUARA, social enterprise focussed on access to potable water
• Elisenda Franquet – Foundation for the Best World, which promotes Clean the Sea, a program to preserve the Mediterranean Sea.

Aside from these experts, there are several other participants who are sending us videos and impressions of the projects they are working on and their experience in working with water.