The digital transformation beyond the mere digitization of paper.
Consistent and sustainable digitization, from start to finish.

A digitalization tool that allows to unify scanned and digital documents and extract, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, the information we need.


A procedure that simplifies data extraction.


A tool developed by and for teamwork. ready to be used by many staff members at the same time, in real time.


Standardized & pre-defined indicators.

Data Quality

Ease of collection, custody and analysis of reported data.

Input, Throughput, Output

Using a new methodology that combines with existing technology and incorporating the use of Artificial Intelligence into our processes

Experts in digitization, scanning of documents and images and Artificial Intelligence.


• Solution for batch scanning

  • Without Kofax (cost savings per document).

• Scanner and data validation.

  • Form handling, content extraction in a structured way.

• Architecture concept

  • Horizontal solution.
  • Third party integration with individual validation module.

• Integration by Web Services

• Integrated DMS (not required)

• Integrated Lucene (not required)