Border and Access Control


Nearly every travel document is nowadays machine readable (MRZ), the chips of e- Documents have an open and a protected part. In the protected part, the electronical security attributes and the biometric data are stored.

eneXs family‘s MRZ applications use the machine readable zone to simplify personal checks at the counter, in the vehicle or underway – for example with the iPhone.

Other applications read MRZ, the biometric data chip, the fingerprints and face images captured on-site. The document‘s information and also the person are verified automatically by one single query. The assignment between the document and the person is supported by a biometrical pairing functionality.

Every application can be used with the integrated single query and offline query.

eneXs family‘s MRZ applications is a set of solutions that is more necessary every day.

Our access systems are both fixed point and mobile which permits us to ensure the secure transit of people at border control or to any building or site that requires mobile access.
Based not only on the reliable identification of people, but also on the verification of identity to be truly sure that the people that are in buildings are who they say they are, have permission to enter a building and that there are no individuals or groups that have been prohibited from being there.

Control of people

Fingerprint comparison

Thanks to IA experts in our team and our in-depth and long term collaboration with Police forces, we have developed the best solutions that allow for automatic verification of passports, national ID cards, VISA´s and residence permits.

Document verification

At the same time the information obtained can be used to consult a broad range of databases and administrative searches. It is an identification and verification tool already developed, tested, implemented and in use by different state and European border police.  

Person identification

EneX is one of the best identifiers and verifiers of people that currently exist.

It is based on documentary control, but also on biometric parameters determined and chosen by the customer.  EneX serves as an integrator and extracts the determined and previously established information from various databases simultaneously: Local Police, State Police, Interpol, AFIS (FBI) and VIS (Visa Information System). To which the digital identity of point 1 should be added. if the user so decides (the degree of acceptance of this will be conditioned by the requirement levels of the authority in question for entry into the country, building, stadium, etc. determined).

We have several levels of access control:

Documents control

Automatic MRZ reading

Checking if the person is blacklisted (by police, authorities, building, etc.)