Future Investments

Every year, for more than 40 years, Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest investment fund, has sent letters to its clients and business partners. In this letter, in addition to maintaining contact and motivating them, Fink´s main purpose is to guide them in the new challenges that their businesses will have to face,  so it usually focusses his writing on the main problem at the time in which he writes.

This year, 2020, the letter´s headline was a call for investment for social change in the corporate world.  The head of the nearly $7 trillion investment fund knows that when entrepreneurs are aware of a problem, they are able to deal with it. Well, the current problem that we all have to face is the protection of the environment. Fink wanted to focus on a global concern that had seen it develop for years and whose relevance has been evident, first with last year’s escalation, but even more so with the Coronavirus crisis. It is time to act and invest in reconstruction with new bases of action with the environment.

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