Oceans and Coronavirus.

A marine substance can inhibit COVID-19 pathogen.

A new reason to take care of our most valuable natural resource, water, as our dependence on it is even broader than previously thought.

It appears that scientists from Canada and Germany had found what might be the key to the Covid-19 cure.

Scientists at the Climate Change Research Center confirmed in a new study that reveals a powerful antiviral effect of a marine substance that can inhibit both virus growth as well as virus entry into cells.

Thanks to the bromothyroxines produced by Aplysina aerophoba, a kind of marine sponge. this sponge secretes bromothyroxines naturally to self-heal every time it has been damaged, thereby defending itself against several pathogens.

This natural chemical defense strategy has been developed by this species of sponges during the course of evolution: the breakdown of connections between tissue cells leads to a rapid chemical reaction at the injured site. The reaction product, the amino acid derived from bromotyrosine, destroys the invasion of foreign bodies, but also viruses and bacteria immediately. In this way, the active ingredient inhibits protein synthesis and therefore the proliferation of RNA viruses – including the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 – and also prevents viruses from entering tissue cells.

In the study, conducted in cooperation with Professor Stefan Bornstein of Dresden University Hospital, Freiberg scientists have been able to demonstrate this mechanism of action in pre-clinical studies using tumor cells as a sample, and also ruled out possible cytotoxic effects on cells which opens up a large field of possibilities to new drugs that may be the cure for many viral diseases , including Covid-19.


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