Making the world a safe Place

What we do


NeXplain is a company dedicated to the development of technological solutions with a specific focus on security. We understand security in its broadest sense, both from the physical perspective in processes, transactions and the emission of guarantees as well as from the point of view of the peace of mind and confidence of our clients. We are committed to ensure that all the the tools we develop contribute to making the world a safer place.


NeXplain was born to give an effective solution to organizations or companies that need a secure support for the future development of their work. Our vision is to be a reference in the world in the development of software and latest technologies, leading the market for digitalization and security in the access and transit of people and serving as an example of good practice in the treatment of our human resources.

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Our Team


Ada García



Pieter Louw



Manuel Conde

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Peter Lazou

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Keith Davey



Nexplain is a prized partner for security and systems integration across the globe. Our relationships go well beyond technology – we create brand new solutions in the market with our collaborations.


Nexplain has a broad network of partners, spanning different industries like Health Care, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Travel Innovation, Air Purification and Smart City Technology. This allows us to combine forces and create smarter solutions for the future.